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1000PSI Manual Hand Operated Pump Hydraulic Pipeline Leakage Pressure Test Tool

1000PSI Manual Hand Operated Pump Hydraulic Pipeline Leakage Pressure Test Tool

Specification Material IronColor Red Yellow BlackMax Pressure 1000PSI 7MPa Features Clear pressure displayEasy to install do not worryIt is a manual pressure test pumpSuitable for all kinds of pressure vessels pipe valves pressure test etc Widely used in chemical industry building water oil coal metallurgy shipbuilding and other industries Usage 1 Install the machine and fix the pump body to the water tank with four screws 2 Install the water hose and connect it to the pump body note sealed connection plus gasket can also use Teflon tape otherwise it is easy to leak 3 Connect the other end of the outlet hose to the pipe to be tested note be sure to wrap with Teflon tape 4 Fill the tested pipe with water discharge the air and close the pressure relief valve 5 Fill the water tank with clean water then shake the handle up and down to start pressure test6 When the degree of pressure gauge rises to the required pressure the pressure can be stopped normal tap water pressure is 0 3Mpa high rise residential building with 0 4Mpa water pressure water pipe pressure test is generally pressurized to 0 8 1Mpa 0 1Mpa is equivalent to 1kg pressure 7 After stopping the back pressure if the pressure indicated by the pressure mark does not drop it can be proved that the pressure resistance of the pipe is good On the contrary it proves that the sealed pipe is not good in sealing performance and there is leakage causing pressure drop Package included

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