Assos MillejacketEvo7 Jacket Mens

Assos MillejacketEvo7 Jacket Mens

As cyclists, we're obligated to love our morning coffee. It can take a lot to get us away from it, especially when getting away from it involves heading out into an unforgiving winter landscape to log those all important base miles. Assos makes it easier to put the cup down and pick the helmet and gloves, and thermal cap, and shoecovers, etc. up with its Men's MilleJacketevo7. The MilleJacket is an update on the iJ. ShaqUno jacket, making it the point of entry for Assos quality in cold weather kit. Like its predecessor, it has a surprisingly thin body but offers the wind protection of a jacket much thicker. The key to the jacket's cold weather qualities is Plutocrat Light, a material whose tongue in cheek name hints at the wealth of winter protection that it provides. Plutocrat Light is a windproof material used for the front panels. It's also breathable and maintains enough give to keep you comfortable while stretched out on the bars. Of course, there is a trade off between those qualities, and Assos supplements fit by constructing the sleeves and back panels of a more flexible, breathable material that also sacrifices some wind protection. The result is that your core stays protected and you enjoy more accommodation across your upper back, shoulders, and arms for tucking into the drops, reaching for a bottle, or just draping yourself across the bars. The added breathability is especially important for workrest cycles like hill repeats or intervals. It manages internal moisture so that a few hard exertions don't leave you wallowing in a clammy chill for the rest of the ride. In total, Assos uses eight different materials and 12 components comprising 23 individual patterns across the MilleJacket, a construction that's every bit as complicated as the act of getting up and out the door for cold weather base miles can be a struggle. No one wants to face the chill of winter days in the saddle, but doing so can be the difference between DNF and being present in early spring's race finales. The MilleJacket's combination of comfortable, functional fit and elemental protection help make the transition from coffee at dawn to churning watts in the late morning a more attractive proposition. Though it's built to afford enough protection that you only need a minimalistic base layer in temperatures above freezing Assos recommends its earlyWinter or winterSkinfoil options, the MilleJacket is cut in Assos' comfortFit, so it allows for heavier layering options without drifting off course into shapeless, tent like fit territory. Whatever layering choice the weather calls for, the jacket's three open pockets and zippered security pocket ensure that you'll have plenty of storage for whatever cold weather accessories you think you may need to pack. The presence of the security pocket is an especially nice touch, as it helps ensure your winter gloved hands don't accidentally discard your credit card, cash, or ID while you're fishing for gels mid ride.

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