Assos MilleintermediatejacketEvo7 Jersey Mens

Assos MilleintermediatejacketEvo7 Jersey Mens

Though most US media outlets tend to only focus on cycling in July, the dedicated fan knows that the best racing often happens in spring—at San Remo and the northern classics—or autumn—at Worlds and Lombardy. We know Assos follows those races, too, for four reasons the brand is itself made up of dedicated cyclists its marquee rider, Van Avermaet, is active in all these races and the existence of the Men's MilleIntermediateJacketevo7. There's also the obvious climaRange system, which covers year round cycling in all conditions, but you'll forgive us if we'd rather dwell on racing and Belgium's latest cycling hero. The first two in that list are obvious, but the third warrants some explanation. It's Assos' answer to the cool weather conundrum What to wear during those chaotic shoulder seasons when the temperatures and weather can vary dramatically over the space of a few hours Since the above races are famously held in mercurial conditions, the fact that Assos makes a jersey well suited to those conditions indicates that, yes, the brand is in tune to year round cycling. The milleIntermediateJacketEvo7 solves spring's riddle by actually being more of a jersey than a jacket. It features the same wind and water resistant Plutocrat material found on the shoulders and pockets of the heavier MilleJacket, but only in the front panel. This steps protection down a bit from the standard MilleJacket, which leads into the wind with the more robust Plutocrat Ultra and is further reinforced with added insulation throughout. Those changes bring the MilleintermediateJacket out of the depths of winter and into a recommended temperature range of 59 71. 6 degrees Fahrenheit however, in our experience, it's also effective riding in temperatures closer to 50 or even into the mid 40s, depending on your cold tolerance. The Plutocrat front panel is breathable and maintains enough give to keep you comfortable while stretched out on the bars, but it's not as breathable or stretchy as your typical summer jersey or brushed polyester thermal kit. Assos supplements both qualities by constructing the sleeves and back panels of a more flexible, more breathable material that sacrifices some wind protection but helps prevent overheating and the clammy discomfort that entails when the sun peaks out from behind a bank of October clouds. The result is that your core stays protected and you enjoy more accommodation across your upper back, shoulders, and arms for tucking into the drops, reaching for a bottle, or just draping yourself across the bars. The added breathability is especially important for workrest cycles like hill repeats or intervals. It manages internal moisture so that a few hard exertions don't leave you wallowing in a clammy chill for the rest of the ride. Managing moisture is always important, but that's especially true when a chill in the air can turn any lingering precipitation into the clammy yuck mentioned above. To ensure that you do stay dry, Assos recommends the SS or LS. skinFoilspringfallS7, though the Mille line's fit accommodates heavier layering options without drifting off course into shapeless, tent like fit territory—this is Assos, after all. Whatever layering choice the weather calls for, the jacket's three open pockets and zippered security pocket ensure that you'll have plenty of storage to stash ride essentials and the accessories head bands, toe covers that you feel you may need or find you don't need halfway through the ride. When an early March chill does inspire you to pull out the gloves, the lie flat cuffs help ensure a bunch free interface, keeping the seal clean and—more importantly—stylish. Again, this is Assos, after all.

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