Assos LlMilletightsS7 Bib Tights Mens

Assos LlMilletightsS7 Bib Tights Mens

The hardest part about getting out for winter base miles is often just that — summoning the motivation to get out the door. When motivation is in short supply, excuses never are, and the time required for gathering and donning the necessary kit for temperatures around 30 degrees Fahrenheit can occasionally be enough of an inconvenience that we leave the wheels hanging for the day. The LL. milleTightss7 Bib Tights for men are Assos' thoughtful solution to lazy kit syndrome, designed to pull on fast to eliminate as many barriers between you and your base miles as possible. By extending considerations of craftsmanship beyond the act of riding to include the time before you're in the saddle, the LL. milleTights may represent a first for even the innovative Swiss manufacturer. We love the indescribably perfect fit of Assos' top end LL. bonkaTights, which virtually disappear once you pull them on, but achieving that disappearing act requires a lot of patience and a little bit of struggle to situate the bibs just so. The LL. milleTights, in contrast, feature what Assos describes in typical, camel case style as comfortFit. Near as we can tell, comfortFit means a slightly more forgiving cut, especially through the bibs and rear yoke, which makes for a much quicker application that you don't necessarily need to be 100% awake for. While this may seem like a minor luxury, it certainly appeals to us on frigid winter mornings when we're already fumbling at the coffee pot and the floor pump and one more impediment may spell a preemptive end to the ride. Of course, this is still Assos, so comfortFit doesn't mean club fit. The attention to detail that made Assos' name is evident in details like the articulation down the back of the leg, which strategically tapers and combines panels of material for a fit through the back of the knee that's every bit as bunch free as the LL. bonkaTights. Even the reflective strips on the back of the legs are only attached at the ends, as sewing the lengthwise sides to the tights would compromise the stretch and fit of the fabric. The materials themselves are both of the RX genus, which hits the usual cold weather benefits of a brushed inner face for insulation and rapid moisture transfer. The leading panels are RX Heavy, an all new material that doubles up on thermal protection with two layers at the knee, thigh, and hip, and doubles down on moisture control with Assos' water resistant treatment. The back of the legs are made from the lighter, more breathable RX Light in order to regulate the microclimate's temperature while evacuating sweat and water vapor to ensure that a single hard interval won't condemn you to a clammy chill for the rest of the ride. The LL. milleTights are finished with the long distance Mille chamois, which has more surface area and less elasticity than Assos' summer weight racing inserts. The Mille makes for a more stable pedaling platform across long base miles when your body position remains relatively static. It's still built with Assos' goldenGate technology, so the unattached center sides allow the chamois to move with your skin rather than against it, and it's also got a supportive pouch like construction at the front to prevent awkward podium moments while waiting in line for a mid ride coffee.

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