Assos IjIntermediateS7 Prof Black Jersey Mens

Assos IjIntermediateS7 Prof Black Jersey Mens

As Assos glibly puts it, summer is pretty mindless when it comes to apparel choice. That's because the typical temperatures of grand tour season are high enough to impose mandatory minimalism in terms of cycling clothing. But the advent of changing leaves and falling temperatures gives the committed kit hound an opportunity to dip into the cycling wardrobe without going full mindless in the winter jacket direction. That means thermal jerseys, and—as frequent visitors to our site will know—many of us have an obsession with thermal jerseys that borders on a fetish. Of course, not everyone in the Competitive family loses their minds over basic, brushed thermal jerseys, but even the most function first cyclists here feel a tinge of longing for the impressively articulated Assos iJ. intermediates7 profBlack Men's Jersey. If a standard thermal jersey is an object of moderate idolization for the kit conscious cyclists among us, than the iJ. intermediates7 is the heavily gilded calf that threatens to pull any cyclist into the idolatrous fold that fetishizes long sleeve tops in the shoulder seasons. The metaphor isn't just hyperbole, as the jersey actually does feature gilding of a sort. First, this edition of the iJ. intermediates7 is a vehicle for Assos' new profBlack look, which privileges understated subtlety over the look at me aesthetics of most race kit. Given the fact that Assos recommends it for when you want to ride under the radar, this juxtaposition with loud racing strips is especially apt. The jersey is a nod to the tendency for European professionals to train in the cooler months with nondescript jerseys in order to avoid constant interruptions by starstruck fans. By which we mean cyclists like us. We're pretty sure we'd recognize Nibali's distinctive barrel shaped torso or Aru's spectacularly violent pedaling style even if they were riding naked, but eliminating the bright team colors is an obvious plus for the less immediately recognizable guys like like Ulissi, who—if he weren't in his Lampre Merida kit—might be able to pass as an unbelievably strong Italian recreationalist putting on a climbing clinic in the Swiss Alps. That's where profBlack comes in, as it allows guys like them to put in their winter base miles and springtime intervals unmolested by fans and constant selfie requests. Of course, the implications of riding in profBlack jerseys aren't nearly as duplicitous for we mere mortals. When the professionals do it, it's both a dereliction of duty to sponsors who pay you to ride in their colors and an attempt to avoid exactly the kind of attention from the cycling public that those sponsors are hoping to generate when the self sponsored cyclists go all in on black kit, it's just a timeless, tasteful expression of style. The second gilding is much less focused on style. The iJ. intermediates7 is embellished with a windproof panel of stratagonUltra airBlock fabric across the front, so it leads into the crisp autumn air with a little extra core protection that still stretches so as not to inhibit the body mapped fit and a free range of movement in the saddle. The material is also low volume and highly breathable, so it won't weigh you down but will help you enjoy the changing landscape in peace by preventing the accumulation of internal moisture. For the sides, proximal portion of the sleeves, and across the rear panel, Assos opts for the Type. v X121 summer textile. Since these areas tend to not take the brunt of cool fall and spring mornings, Assos lightens things up to let your body's temperature self regulate and further boost moisture management. After all, this isn't a winter jersey, and we find that cutting wind chill at the leading edge tends to be sufficient to keep us warm in temperatures ranging into the mid to high 40s. Even the most cold sensitive among us can comfortably brave the 40s with some light layering and that windproof panel, but keeping the sides and back light means the iJ. intermediates7 can also comfortably accompany us on the warmer days of October and April. The key to cool weather kit is versatility, and the combination of materials used here means you'll be reaching for the iJ. intermediates7 in all manner of conditions and temperatures. The top of the arms and shoulders are the only occurrence of a traditional, brushed thermal material in the jersey's lay up schedule. This material strikes a balance between the windproof core protection and superlative breathability of the other two materials, protecting the outer face of your wingspan with a bit more insulation but also maintaining the jersey's overall focus on stretch, moisture management, and fit. And if there are two things we expect from any Assos garment, it's a complicated, laboriously detailed material sheet see above and a fit that makes almost any other manufacturer's clothing feel like dingy bath robe. Combining what Assos calls its Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design AEPD r...

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