Assos HRallyboxerS7 Liner Shorts Mens

Assos HRallyboxerS7 Liner Shorts Mens

Given its homebase in Switzerland, a country typically defined by its mountainous landscape, it's no surprise that Assos eventually saw fit to enter the mountain bike clothing market. Of course, it does so with a reputation as the company for high end road clothing, so it's also no surprise that the H. rallyBoxerS7 Men's Liner Shorts incorporate elements from the same shorts that earned Assos the reputation as the bike shorts company. Some mountain kit manufacturers assume that baggy shorts and knobby tires mean lo fi will fly, so they phone it in, tech wise. But anyone familiar with Assos' road offerings will be in for one more non surprise Assos doesn't. The shorts feature a lighter version of the compressive material used throughout the S7 line, so they provide soft, breathable comfort beneath whatever baggies you choose to where them with—though Assos purists will likely want to pair them with the H. rallycargoShort. With the exception of the seams, which are external, and the pockets for padding, which is removable, the H. rallyBoxer largely takes design cues from the road specific Mille shorts. These include the confidence of a stay in place waistband and the cushion of Assos' endurance minded Mille chamois. Assos being Assos, the latter of which is obviously the key feature. As with all of the S7 collection, the Mille chamois wears the new amethyst color. According to Assos, this purple hue was chosen to pay homage to the clothing of Roman emperors, English monarchs, and members of Japanese aristocracy, as the historically significant color highlights what it calls the most technically advanced cycling shorts on Earth. In practice, this lofty goal starts with an 8mm thick memoryFoam material cut into two pads shaped to support your sit bones. This foam was first introduced with the venerable s2 FI. 13, as its material properties let it compress and immediately return, effectively filling the gaps created between body and chamois throughout the pedal stroke or while shifting in the saddle The memoryFoam isn't a homogenous material rather, and in true Assos form, it's a complex gestalt of myriad materials. The first two layers are the brand's superAir and waffle composition, which provide perforated padding that increases breathability and to shed weight. This layer is responsible for the dimpling that shows through the ultra soft amethyst top sheet. The combined effect pulls moisture from within the layers below and lets the chamois dry much quicker than the previous s5 chamois. Once Assos got the chamois layup to its standards, the engineers began rethinking the way a traditional chamois is attached to the shorts. This led them to what they are calling the goldenGate, which involves interrupting the stitching along both of the chamois' side panels, allowing a more three dimensional freedom of movement in this sensitive, rotational area. Additionally, because the seams are eliminated, friction is minimized even further. But if that weren't enough, Assos went ahead and extended the chamois' thinly padded sides over this short to chamois junction, making the transition against your skin as smooth as possible. Finally, the goldenGate design warrants a specific call out for its own contribution to friction reduction. GoldenGate involves attaching the chamois at the front and rear, leaving the sides free to float so the chamois moves with your body instead of against it. This effectively relocates friction from the skinchamois interface to the chamoisshorts, all but eliminating the potential for abrasion and irritation. It also facilitates the chamois' gap filling action by helping to keep contact constant to avoid chaffing.

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