Asolo Tps Equalon Gv Backpacking Boot Womens

Asolo Tps Equalon Gv Backpacking Boot Womens

For most folks, the prospect of driving—much less walking—from Georgia to Maine is an uphill battle that's waged with procured care and occasional procrastination. And since you wouldn't drive your car without proper preparation, give your feet the gift of a comfortable ride with the Asolo Women's TPS Equalon GV Backpacking Boot. Built to endure miles upon miles paired with inconsistent terrain and equally as erratic weather, the TPS Equalon brings steadfast protection and paramount performance to the forefront of your walking game, which won't feel so much like a game when you're on mile number 2,165 and the jaunt up Mount Katahdin feels more like you're walking up a hill of molasses. Designed for major backpacking trips and trekking endeavors, this boot is fashioned with a traditional hiking boot silhouette, falling just above the ankle, and it comes complete with full structure support and comfort oriented features. In addition to its classic design, the TPS is constructed with a water resistant suede and high tenacity nylon upper that encourages optimal breathability and protection against the elements—without compromising on mobility and flexibility—while the 360 degree Gore Tex Performance Comfort membrane ensures full safeguarding against that unexpected submergence into equally as unexpected snow, ice, or water and simultaneously provides a little extra insulation against those aforementioned elements. As for the lower half of the TPS Equalon's construction, this boot is rigged with a supportive Asoflex lasting board and Lite 2 footbed, which when combined provides both anti supination and anti pronation as well as shock absorption, so you ultimately embark upon your expedition with a neutral stride and in turn avoid unwanted tweak age. The buck doesn't stop there, though the Equalon gains part of its name from the very sole or soul, if you will of the boot—the Triple Power Structure sole is a collaborative effort between Asolo and Vibram, which combines a dual density PU Vibram sole with that of the Evo Asolo to provide comfort, stability, and a extraordinarily distinctive look. The Triple Power Structure sole is equipped with three layers starting with a cylinder in the external part of the heel, which is the primarily source of shock absorption while the second layer is an additional cylinder in the inner part of the heel which provides out of the box stability, and last but not least, the final layer is the rocker which can be found on the metatarsal area and ultimately assists and facilitates toe off action.

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